FSUN & Blue Ocean Capital Group: A Valuable partnership

By September 4, 2018Press Center

On June 26 2018, the Harvard Club witnessed the launching of Blue Ocean Capital Group as well as the partnership between FSUN and Blue Ocean Capital Group to achieve the SDGs before 2030. Blue Ocean Capital Group is a Chinese company specializing in investment in healthcare, cultural media and financial services. Its partnership with The Foundation For The Support of The United Nations represents a valuable contribution to impact investing.

A number of VIP guests attended the event to support Blue Ocean Capital Group and its partnership with FSUN, and they are Félix W. Ortiz, Assistant Speaker of New York State Assembly, Robert H. Mccooey, Jr. Senior Vice President of Nasdaq’s Listing Services unit and the President at AAHS, and Jianzhong Lin, President and CEO at Lam Group. All the attendees were enthusiastic to see Janet Salazar, The President and Executive Chair at FSUN, appointing the Principals of Blue Ocean Capital Group, Mr. Antony Liu and Ms. Yim Li as Honorary Vice Chairman at FSUN.

Janet Salazar, who recognizes the importance of impact investing and its necessity to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), did not miss the event without celebrating this partnership with Blue Ocean Capital Group. She gave the “Social Impact Leadership Award” to BOCG. She mentioned during her speech that “impact investing is the key to promote and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals at the United Nations. Therefore, FSUN and Blue Ocean Capital Group decide to work together and use combined resources to achieve the SDGs before 2030.” With more similar partnerships, the road towards the SDGs will be paved with success. 

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