Foundation for the Support of the United Nations

FSUN Sponsors Youth - Led Projects

by Impact Catalyst Foundation (ICF)

The Foundation for the Support of the United Nations (FSUN) is a strong advocate and supporter of the youth. FSUN believes that today’s young generation has the capacity to change the world and shift minds for a better future for all. It is this dedication to supporting the youth that FSUN has committed to sponsor two youth-led projects by Impact Catalyst Foundation (ICF), a US nonprofit organization with a mission to provide charitable programs and create community-based health solutions that contribute to the health and well-being of marginalized youth and the elderly. The two projects are “Support for Aural Atresia” and “A Virtual Hug is a Heartbeat Away” — both of which were inspired by the personal life mission and vision of Lucas Deo Anmolsingh, the sixteen -year old Chair of Projects and Outreach Initiatives at ICF. Lucas is also a Youth Ambassador and Youth Representative to the United Nations at FSUN.

“Impact Catalyst Foundation is honored and excited to work with FSUN on these two important projects. With the support and resources available through FSUN, we believe that these new projects will benefit many young and elderly people in the communities where we work”, said Dr. Roopa Anmolsingh, the President and Executive Director of ICF.

“While I am only 16, I have seen the world change in the
short time I’ve been around for both better and for worse. I feel as though the
mainstream attitude is somewhat disconnected from one very important issue; and
that is to simply help one another. Hope is more visible when people help each other. This belief and conviction is the driving force behind my dedication to create and lead the projects ‘Support for Aural Atresia’ and ‘A Virtual Hug is a Heartbeat Away'”

-- Lucas Anmolsingh

Youth Representative to the United Nations
“To Lucas and the youth of today: You are young, dynamic and well-informed — with instant access to tremendous information downloadable at massive volume and lightning fast speed. You have the undeniable ability to bring about change. So never be afraid to go forward in pursuit of your ideals. Never. FSUN is proud to support young leaders and change-makers like Lucas, whose passion to make a difference and to make life better for others are a continued source of hope for mankind.”

-- Janet Salazar

President and Executive Chairman of FSUN