The Recipe of Change

By July 16, 2018Press Center

We all wish to change the world and make it a better place. And as a step towards the realization of this wish, the United Nations adapted the 2030 Agenda that includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Each SDG addresses one of the world problems and aims to solve it before 2030, so that the world can be the better place we want it to be. However, there are two important tools that are crucial to the achievement of these goals: investment and public policies. And that is what Janet C. Salazar, the Chief and Permanent Representative to the UN at Foundation for The Support of the United Nations and CEO of IMPACT Leadership 21 explained during her interview with Gregg Greenberg on SCN Corporate Connect on International Women’s Day. Ms. Salazar indicated that “nothing can move, no matter how much voice we put into it without investment”. She clarified that investment should be utilized into “something impacting for social good”. For example, investors should use their connections and channeling to help get the voice of women heard and achieve SDG5 which is gender equality. Beside investment, Ms. Salazar mentioned that public policies and governmental support are essential to implement change and put it into effect. So, if we want to achieve gender equality for example, the presence of more women in the political life is needed to make their voice heard and to support the impact investment that work towards the same goal. And that is simply the recipe of change: investment and governmental support. If any of these component is missing, change can take longer than expected to happen or even risk to not be achieved at all.

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Author: Mariam Moustafa

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